Why a private in an Oflag?

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  1. SteveB

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    Regarding the POW questionnaire for Albert Leonard Lockwood below, any idea why he would have spent almost two years in an Offlag when his rank is private?


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  3. dbf

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    Probably a batman / soldier-servant to one of the officers.
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  4. Lindele

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    I think they were called orderlies and typically 6 officers were sharing one orderly and the service, like cleaning the room, making tea etc.
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  5. SteveB

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    Thanks all. He's entered he was working in a salt mine, then factory during his time there, so I guess he must have been doing the orderly work on top.
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    Similar to my great grandad - started off down a salt mine in Stalag IXC then to a series of officer camps: Oflag IVB, Oflag XXIB, Stalag Luft III where he was an orderly, then Stalag VIIIA where he worked in a coal mine and then moved West to Stalag XIB where he was liberated.
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