Main Information

The first file to open is the main wolfet_full.exe file, simply double click on it and it will start to install for you.

Its a fairly straightforward task, click next, agree to the licence, select your preferred location to install on your pc and so on. Once you get to the end of all the clicking it will then take just a minute or so to install. At the end it ask if you wish to install a shortcut on your desktop then the installer will quit.


When going through the installation you will be asked to agree to install "punkbuster", you must do this or you wont be able to play. PunkBuster prevents cheating.

Before you start the main game you should now install the patch, this is neccessary as the gameserver has the patch installed and if you dont the versions wont match and the game will fail to connect to us.

As before double click on the file this time called wolfet_patch_260.exe

As before it will ask a few questions and install within seconds, once it exists you can now start the game.

Downloading Maps:

When new maps are put on the server you must download them to your home pc, this will happen automatically from the game server however its very slow via the server regardless of your connection speed so you can download them using the link below. All the files in the folder shown are the ones currently being played.

Start the game and if it looks like its going to take a long time use the method below, the difference can be 2-3 minutes to download the maps from ww2talk or up to an hour from the game server.

You need to put the maps in your etmain folder, to do this:

From windows >>

1. Open the start menu
2. Click on "My Computer"
3. Click on "Local Disk (c)" or similar
4. Open the folder called "program Files"
5. Scroll down to find "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory" or similar and click to open
6. Open the etmain folder and place your maps in there

Thats all you need to do. When you start the game it will check you have the maps and proceed. You may still need to download the .cfg file but its very small.


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