Beltring War & Peace Show 2006 - 2012

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  1. Trackfrower

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    Respirator on wrong (as usual).

    Humber Recce car isn't! Marmond Herrington (excuse spelling)?

    Can't see the usual "Party Rally"
  2. Rich Payne

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    It's a MkVI bag, Adam. The MkV with the single flap was found to be a little small for the anti-gas ointment, goggles etc. so they put a second pocket / extra flap on the outside during 1939. So yes, the small 'D' rings for the cords were on the chest side and the small pocket on the outside but I didn't have it open, nor did I have the rolled cape on my back. A quick pose for the arena. It was hot enough walking around in BD without being at the alert all day.

    This photo dated January 1940 shows both in use alongside each other.

    January 1940.jpg

    I believe that the Quad was an 'as bought' unfinished restoration but it looked interesting alongside the ex-Eire 18 pdr and limber which were in unrestored / outside display condition.
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  3. Rich Payne

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    This image shows the MkVI quite well with the characteristic circular rub mark from the early Ointment No.2 Anti-Gas jar and the stitching from the divider in the small front pocket.

    A 1939 C9999999 Dunkirk 21.5.40  BEF (2).jpg
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    I'm hugely reassured, Rich.
    It would have shaken my world a little if you hadn't been fully aware of where even fabric rivets should be. ;)

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