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Discussion in 'Italy' started by Paul Reed, Mar 4, 2008.

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    Paul - way too many of those places were idiotic to fight over - Camino - Minturno -Cassino - Coriano Ridge - Croce - Gemmano - we should have taken Monty's advice - "go into winter quarters on the Sangro - then in the spring sneak up the coast to Pescara - nip over the mountains and take Rome from the East - then hold them around Orvieto -Assisi"

    Might have saved thousands of lives !
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    Hi Paul
    Not sure if this will reach you as I am a new member and finding my way around. I have posted a message relating to my involvment with Monte Camino in my section under 'Rotherfield' if you find it, it will explain my involvement but basically I have visited Monte Camino every year since 1990 and know the area intimately, Its a long story but if anybody wants information on both battles I have two written accounts both written by two young Lts of the 6th Btn Grenadier Guards who fought there, they wrote their accounts 18 months after the battle, one of them is still alive.
    If you want to contact me my e mail is [removed email so you don't get spam]
    Mike Sterling
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    Hi Mike- I have moved this to the Monte Camino thread. I am sure we would love to hear more about what you have been researching.

    I removed your email address so you won't get spammed.
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    Welcome to the forum. :welcome3:
    As you appear to have an interest in the Italian Theatre, you may wish to check out the D-Day dodgers Group. You are more than welcome to join the group which was only recently formed.


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    Welcome to the forum Mike,
    I've left a message on your profile.
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    Hello Mike and welcome to the boards. Nice to have you aboard!
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    Until Mike learns his way around the workings of the forum he said it would be OK for me to post photos he'd very kindly shared with me.
    I thought I'd add this one.

    Major Gen Vasiliev on his visit to the Battle ground, this came about because Stalin accused the British and Americans for not doing enough when his men were loosing thousands at Stalingrad and on te Western front, he was invited to send his general to Italy to see the conditions for himself, Vasiliev went up Camino and quickly came down again and was heard to keep repeating "Mud and Blood" - "Mud and Blood" they never heard anymore from Stalin after that.

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    Hello Owen,
    can you please tell me in which book the photo described by you "another war time photo of Camino" (2 soldiers looking at the Monte Camino peak) was published?
  9. Owen

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    The one is post #10 ?
    The Grenadier Guards In The War Of 1939-1945
    Nicholson, Captain Nigel & Forbes, Patrick
    Volume 2. The Mediterranean Campaigns.
  10. monte-camino

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    Yes, it is post #10, thanks.
    Any other photos of Monte Camino on this book?
  11. Owen

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    No, sorry , that's it.
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    The following newspaper report is taken from the 'Daily Express' dated Monday 6 December 1943.

    I attempted to scan with OCR but it did not copy well.

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    The paper cutting really describes the terrible conditions encountered.

    A nice find, thankyou.

  14. Owen

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    Cheers for that Peter, have you more old papers lying around?

    Looks like Sidney J Bennett didn't survive.

    CWGC :: Casualty Details

    Initials: S J
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Rank: Lance Corporal
    Regiment/Service: The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)
    Unit Text: 2/5th Bn.
    Age: 28
    Date of Death: 09/12/1944
    Service No: 6099593
    Additional information: Son of Henry Charles and Alice Bennett; husband of Joan Bennett, of Kennington, London.
    Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
    Grave/Memorial Reference: VII, A, 22.
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    Cheers for that Peter, have you more old papers lying around?

    Not really Owen, its just that some years ago I obtained the front and back page of that particular issue of the Express from the British Library as it carried a story of an action around a convoy in which 120 Squadron RAF were involved, the Camino report just happened to be on the same page.

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    I have something called the War Papers Owen...Front pages of most notable dates of ww2 UK and US newspapers if you ever need a scanned copy.
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    The following newspaper report is taken from the 'Daily Express' dated Monday 6 December 1943.........

    many thanks for posting that newspaper cutting.
    This has special significance as my Grandfather was killed on Monte Camino on the 4th December. He was in 2/5th Bn., The Queen's Royal Regt. I am trying to build a picture of events leading up to that day so the cutting is very useful.

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    My copy of no dishobourable name has taken a bit of a bashing recently, but it has a section on the 3rd Bn Coldstream's actions on Camino. So I've scanned the pictures and slapped them blow.
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