What is the last WW2 Film or Series you saw?

Discussion in 'Books, Films, TV, Radio' started by Ivan1, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Don't know if this counts, but I've been watching a DVD I got at the museum of the 48th Highlanders (of Canada) here in Toronto that they titled "That Dileas Spirit" (from their Gaelic motto, Dileas Gu Brath). Mix of archival footage, a narrator, and vets describing their experiences in WW2.
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    I remember reading a book called the "Feather Men" about the SAS after VE Day - was it true?
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    Very good episode of Combat! Great sets and a good story line. Kirby still has his M1. I don't think he got the BAR until the second season. Handly's carbine has a bayonet clip but we'll overlook the minor anachronism.

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    Another quality episode of "Combat!"

    Were there any similar series out of the UK?

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    Some of the episodes in the later seasons are a bit weak but this one is back to being very funny.

    "Oh, just an ordinary sort of Rolls" :)

  8. canuck

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    No wonder he was my favourite character on that show. He's a fellow Canuck.

    Amazing he survived. Saunders always had him take the point.

    Pierre Jalbert
    (9 January 1925 – 22 January 2014) was a Canadian skier, actor, and motion picture film and sound editor, primarily known for his role as "Caje" on the US television 1960's World War II program Combat!.
    He was christened Joseph Jacques Pierre-Paul Jalbert in Quebec City, Quebec, the son of a newspaperman. He graduated from Ouellet College, and attended Laval University, where he was part of the University Air Training Corps??? during World War II.
    Pierre Jalbert
    Pierre-Paul Jalbert
    9 January 1925
    Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
    Died 22 January 2014 (aged 89)
    Los Angeles, California, U.S.
    Cause of death heart attack

    He is the brother of René Marc Jalbert, the sergeant-at-arms of Quebec's legislature whose bravery saved lives during Denis Lortie's 1984 attack on that institution
    caje.jpg caje1.jpg
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    "Gage, take the point!"

    Everyone claimed Gage when we "played guns" as kids. Next best was Little John because he would always win when we had to go hand to hand with the Krauts.

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    One of the funniest episodes yet.

    Dad's Army in German uniforms :)

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    I cancelled my Pay TV account (Foxtel) due to the irritating increase in their self promotion of upcoming movies etc. I got all my old war movies out and enjoyed every one of them again and saved $100 a month.
    Guns of Navarone,
    The Dambusters,
    Sink the Bismark,
    Churchill's War (Documentary),
    ANZAC's (Series) 524 minutes, WW1 Paul Hogan
    A Bridge too Far,
    Band of Brothers (Series)
    The World at War (Series)
    Under Ten Flags (Van Heflin)
    San Demetrio London,
    The Longest Day,
    In Which We Serve (Noel Coward)
    The Battle of Britain.
    Tobruk (Richard Burton)
    Even watched Zulu again (still a great movie)

    Now I have to look through my VHS collection and get them out.
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  12. spidge

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    Great series Combat.
  13. Dave55

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    Objective Burma. Very good

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