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    Good article on 44 Recce.

    There is indeed thank you, and it is recognisable as the source of a large chunk of the 44 Recce bits in 'Only The Enemy In Front'. There are a few tiny snippets that Doherty didn't use though.

    I believe Jeremy Taylor was both the author of This Band Of Brothers and the editor of the Reconnaissance Journal. Interesting that in the book he suggests 44 Recce were formed from 7 Royal West Kents and yet in the journal there is a completely different, and indeed more convincing, description of how it was formed from elements of 44 Div.

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    many thanks as always, Tony
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    Thanks again Tony

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    I hope that the journals have been of interest – unfortunately some bad news – I have no more to post! Anymore out there?

    The last I have is attached here – the Memorial Number – and, whilst this may have been posted before, I thought that it was worthwhile to include it again especially at this time of year.

    Pictured in this edition is the Reconnaissance Corps ‘Book of Remembrance’, this is kept in a specially made desk at the church of All Hallows by the Tower in London. The book is not normally on display but can be if requested.

    It is worth highlighting that on Sunday November 13th this year the church will be holding the Reconnaissance Corps Service of Remembrance.

    This service has been organised annually by the Association and is particularly poignant this year, as I understand it is to be the last specifically for the Corps. Passing years mean that, in future, Recce casualties will be remembered and honoured in the general Remembrance Day service.


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    Thanks for that Tony-never seen it before.
    Really sad to see all the fallen on the Roll of Honour.

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    :poppy: Terribly sad - every one of those names a life and every life linked to all they loved. Their honour and memory should continue to shine the vanguard light beyond their generation.:poppy:
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    Tony thanks for posting the journals that you have and hopefully someone else can post others.

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  11. Tony56

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    It was really nice to read the account of the memorial service at st martin in the fields,I attend this as a ten year old with my grandmother my dads mum.

    Many thanks Jack Turner.
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    Tony thanks for posting the Memorial Service and the Supplement

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    Many thanks for these posts Tony. Great stuff.
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    Does anyone out there have the missing Reconnaissance Journal Issues?

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    Hi Tony,

    thanks for posting these up, they are invaluable to have!!

    I downloaded these just the other day and have been reading through them. Sadly, some of them are a bit mixed-up with some parts missing these are as follows...

    I presume that this is some problem with the original links following the upgrading of the software package for the forum?
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    I haven’t studied each and every one but, yes, this seems to be case. It looks like some of the attachments have gone walk about and some links ain’t pointing to where they should.

    They were all OK when first posted.

    Having sought advice from members, far more acquainted with this site than me, it appears that the solution is to upload them again.

    I could perhaps just try and sort out the broken bits but that will end up with an awfully messy post with documents all over the shop, so perhaps the proper way is to upload them all again. Unfortunately this will also require a lot of re-scanning.

    Watch this space (but not anytime soon!)
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    I've been through all of them now and it's only the ones I've mentioned above that are problematic, so you only need to scan 5 sections!
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    Understood, been using this material for a while and would be really appreciated when you do update it all. Top notch stuff.
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