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    just downloaded and checked each one, absolutely perfect oold boy. All present and correct! Thank you very much for going to this extra effort!


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    im pretty new to this site and the amount of info about the recce regt and the 56th in particular is amazing . thanks tony for posting copies of this , at this moment ive just quickly browsed them all . i will have a proper read when i have a day off . i did notice my dads name in journal vol13 no2 part 6 as having attended a london get together of all the names listed most were from the 56th . is there any reason for this ? once again thanks tony .
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    Hey all.

    I showed the Reconnaissance Journal to my Dad yesterday, thinking he'd go 'oh yeah, I remember that!'

    In fact, he said he had never heard of it or seen it.

    Was it only for officers? He was in recce for 18 months, so I would have thought with it being 3 monthly, he would have comes across it at some point? And the first issue did say it was aimed at creating a link between recce units......

    I tried to google about it, but couldn't find anything.
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    As far as 56 Recce was concerned the journals were certainly issued to all men at squadron level, although I have no idea as to the quantity, ie one ach or a number to be shared. I would assume this was the case in other regiments. In 56th war diaries there is a note in the Regimental Order dated 9 Feb 1945 that reads:

    Reconnaissance Journal
    Sqns will now have received copies of the second number of the Reconnaissance Journal. So far the Regiment has not been featured in this magazine.
    We have many stories, more interesting than those that have appeared so far.
    Capt K Stewart is appointed Regimental Sub-Editor of the Journal. All ranks are encouraged to write accounts of any actions in which they have taken part that will make good reading and send them through Sqn Hq to Capt Stewart.
    Do not be afraid to write an account of an action because the English may not be good enough. The Editor will doctor it up if necessary. The 56 Recce pigeon-hole in the Editor’s Office in England must no longer be empty!”

    I feel sure that all those who served in the Reconnaissance Corps would be entitled to join the Comrades Association; Vol. 4 No. 1 lists my father as being a Life Member. I assume that the journal was issued to members and this continued after the war, the Memorial number of ‘Summer 1950’ being the last.
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    Thank you very much for the reply, Tony.

    He did have some connection with the Comrades Association I believe, but I haven't got round to reading that yet lol.

    I have printed the parts I could find for the 46th recce and the contents pages for him to look at tomorrow - so who knows, maybe it will all become clear! I've got a War Diary ordered too, so maybe we'll have a mention of them as well.

    Thanks for posting the journals Tony, I think he is going to really enjoy reading them.

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    Hi Tony,

    My Dad is loving the journals! I printed him the whole of the first one, the indices of the rest and anything I could find that looked relevant to the 46th recce.

    However, not surprisingly lol, I have missed something.

    He just rang me to say there is an article on page 151 of Vol. 2 No. 4 by Lt Durdey about 'I remember Italy'.

    Unfortunately I cant find page 151 and the few pages after. I have looked in the reloads you did as well and cant find it.

    Would it be at all possible for you to do this article for us? He says Lt. Durdey was one of his commanders so we thought it might clarify some things for him. There is a lot he cant remember so this could fill in some gaps!

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    Hi Diane its actually page 154 that the article starts, goes until page 156 then continues after 4 pages of photos on page 161

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    Thanks Paul, is it posted anywhere else on the site do you know?
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    Some time after making the original posts, several of the links to individual journals became corrupted and, although I re-posted some of the missing documents, this has left them in a rather haphazard manner.

    It is time they were tidied up.

    I have re-scanned the journals and, with the ability for larger attachments, each edition is now in one file; this makes them somewhat easier to read.

    I also thought that it would be useful to have an index. The individual editions do contain countless names and it hasn’t been possible to index everyone mentioned but, I hope, I have at least caught their regiments.

    Hope it is useful.

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